The model of care that we provide to the youth who have been entrusted to us has its historical roots in 17th century France with the founding of the DeLaSalle Christian Brothers.  This model of care was adopted and enhanced by the Martin de Porres Agency upon our founding in 1974.

The foundational elements of our care focus on “Touching Hearts” “Transforming Lives” and “Instilling Hope” for the youth who have been entrusted to us.

It is a relational model.  It is a model built on developing trust with our youth.  It is a model and encourages and practices positive encouragement and the building of self esteem. It is a model that seeks to know individual needs rather than group needs. It is a model that develops a sense of family and community.  It is a model that emphasizes correction rather than punishment.  It is a model that requires staff to embrace specific values and virtues in order to be mentors and role models.  It is a model that requires staff to work “together and by association.”  It is a model that requires staff to view their work not as a job but as a vocational journey and commitment.

All new staff receive 100 hours of training prior to employment.  The understanding of our model of care is integrated throughout these hours of training.  Testimonies of staff who have lived the model over the years is part of this training.  Ongoing training and mentoring of staff is the Lasallian Cutlure of Care is monitored by each of our House Coordinators, the Program Director, the Director of Quality Assurance and the Executive Director.  Quarterly full staff meetings focus on the continued understanding and the practices that verify that we are “Touching hearts” “Transforming Lives” and “Instilling Hope.”

Now for the specifics of what happens in our homes each day and the results we have seen since we began the CTH initiative.