The Martin de Porres Group Homes (MDPGH) was established by the de La Salle Christian Brothers to conduct residential and preventive programs for youngsters. Our programs are inspired by Christian values, but sensitive to other religious and cultural traditions. The ultimate goal of MDPGH is to assist youths in adjusting to their families and society so that the risk of committing a juvenile or criminal offense, having to either go into residential or foster care, or any higher level of care is significantly minimized.We make a difference by Touching Hearts, Transforming Lives, and Instilling Hope in the youths entrusted to our care, so they can reach their full potential.


Our residents are adolescent males from the five boroughs of New York City. As a result of serious behavioral difficulties, or extreme family challenges these young men have been either voluntarily placed or have been placed with MDPGH by the New York City Family Court. These circumstances have impeded their success in society and in their home life. MDPGH provides a comprehensive program with concentrated services in clinical services, family therapy, educational, and community support services for these residents who are in need of a more structured, supervised and disciplined environment.


MDPGH Child Care Workers are men and woman who all go through mandatory pre-service and in-service trainings which includes but is not limited to the following: Safe Crisis Management (SCM), First Aid CPR, Medication Management, LGBTQ, Mandated Reporter, and Suicide Awareness. In addition to any required training, MDPGH employees are trained in the agency’s core value of the “Lasallian Culture of Care”, which is taught and learned through Lasallian formation activities given throughout the year. These trainings provide residents with care takers who have the skills that allow them to intervene in a professional manner to insure residents deal with issues that may arise in a safe and mature manner. Each new staff member must participate in a mandatory 100-hour pre-service training before they can begin working with the residents. Annually, all staff members must participate in 50 hours of in-service training beyond the pre-service training. In order to maintain the high level of professional development and to make training more accessible to MDPGH personnel, several staff members are trained as trainers to provide the pre-service and in-service training for all agency personnel throughout the year.

“We Touch Hearts, Transform Lives, and Instill Hope”